Porter-Cable PCFP02003 Portable Air Compressor Review

If you need a small air compressor that you can use to power up the tools you use around the house than this Porta-Cable model might just do the trick for you. It is a relatively inexpensive machine that won’t break the bank but has enough power to small tools such as a brad nailer. Keep in mind that at 2 SCFM that this compressor delivers, it is not the best solution for powering up larger or more heavy-duty tools such as an impact wrench.

Features of Porter-Cable PCFP02003

Porter-Cable PCFP02003

Even if you are buying a cheaper air compressor, you still want it to be quality made and durable, right? Why waste your money and invest in something that is going to break down after few uses. With this pancake air compressor you get a sturdy, durable design and quality features at an acceptable price. Make sure to run it around 30 minutes continuously, not more to ensure you do not damage the unit.

  • 3.5-gallon tank – This is definitely not the largest tank out there, but for a handy compressor like this one, that is not intended for heavy-duty industrial work, it is more than enough. You will easily top of around eight tires with a full tank. If they are completely flat you will have to wait a bit for the tank to refill.
  • Quick recovery time – When it empties out completely, it reaches its maximum setting of 135 PSI in under 2 minutes, which is not bad for the price. During continuous use, you can expect the pump to come back on frequently to maintain optimum pressure.
  • 2 SCFM – At 2 SCFM this air compressor is perfectly capable of topping up your tires and other inflatables in a matter of minutes. You will also be able to run smaller tools with it, provided you have the connector sets and hoses.

Advantages of Porter-Cable PCFP02003

  • Portable – At around 26 pounds this unit is very lightweight and you will encounter no problems moving around the house or a workshop. As it is so light, it is easy to put it in the back of your car and transport it your latest project.
  • Easy to use – Uncomplicated and straightforward, those are some of the things that come to mind when talking about this compressor. Since it is completely oil free, you won’t have to concern yourself with a myriad of issues, just plug it in and you are good to go.
  • Easy to maintain – What is great about this air compressor is the fact that there is very little or almost nothing to worry about when it comes to maintenance. One thing, and one thing alone; make sure to let out all the air once you’re done using it. This ensures that no water builds up inside and helps you avoid corrosion damage.

Affordability comes with a slight price, however. Even though the quality of make is quite satisfactory, there are some plastic parts on it that are a bit fragile. Also, it is not the most stable of air compressors, the heavy top part might cause it to tip over in some situations so be mindful of how you position it.

Bottom Line​

We are pretty certain that you will be very satisfied with the performance levels of this particular compressor. PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor is designed to make your everyday life easier, just remember not to give it more than it can handle. At his affordable price point, it is definitely a machine worth investing in!​

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