Hot Dog Air Compressor

Hot Dog Air Compressor

If you are a “do it yourself” kind of person that owns a garage full of tools, you are probably in search for a great air compressor to make your life a bit easier. There are several types of air compressors on the market but hot dog air compressor is probably the most popular one. It got its name because of its tank that is shaped like a hot dog.

These machines are a great choice for smaller tasks like running air brushes, staplers and a lot more. They are oil-less and have no belts and that means that maintaining is really easy and regular check-ups are not necessary. They are a bit heavier than their other “tasty” opponent pancake air compressor. However, the bigger weight comes from a bigger tank which means more air storage. Even though they are a bit heavier, you shouldn’t worry because they come with handles that make transporting much easier.

Hot Dog Air Compressor: What to Look For​

Before buying a hot dog air compressor there are several features you need to pay attention to. We listed below some of the most important factors that will make your decision easier and better. We advise you to read some specific reviews to get even more information about different models of hot dog air compressor.​

  • Tank size: Tank size is a really important thing to pay attention to because it determines how long the air compressor will be able to work. If you are planning on using this machine for a longer period of time at once, you should consider buying a hot dog air compressor with a bigger tank. They usually have 1-3 gallon tanks, so if you want your air compressor to be able to get every job done in time it would be best to choose the one with a 3-gallon tank
  • Handle: The majority of hot dog air compressors have a carrying handle. They can be made out of plastic or metal. Plastic ones are lighter in weight but tend to be less durable. Metal ones are a bit heavier but are more durable and they won’t get broken as easily. The metal ones are also more pleasant to hold. This is why we recommend you to choose the hot dog air compressor that has metal carrying handles, if possible.
  • Rubber feet: Hot dog air compressors tend to make a lot of noise and they vibrate. Some of them have the additional feature of rubber feet. This is a great feature because it will prevent the machine from moving. It will also keep the machine quieter which can be really important if you want to work in late hours. So, if you are in a position to choose the machine with this feature we definitely recommend it because it will keep you safer, you won’t have to worry all the time and you will definitely have better relations with your neighbors.
  • Determining tasks: Before choosing the ideal hot dog air compressor it is important to determine the tasks you want to use it for. There are a lot of different models on the market and each one of them can be great for some type of projects. This is why we recommend you to figure out which tasks you want to use it for and then read some reviews on specific models you are interested in to find out if that is the best hot dog air compressor for your needs.

All in all, there are several things you have to pay attention to when buying a hot dog air compressor. Don’t hurry with your choice because it’s in your best interest to buy the best hot dog air compressor for your needs. We hope this advice will help you make your decision and we are sure you will make a great choice. When you do buy this machine, we advise you to read the instructions before handling it and we recommend you to always use it carefully because compressed air is potentially very dangerous and can lead to injuries if the machine is not handled properly. If you, however, handle it as instructed, you won’t have any problems with it.