Pancake Air Compressor

Pancake Air Compressor

If you are in a search for an air compressor you probably already heard of a term pancake air compressor. We have some bad news- its shape is its only connection to pancakes and it doesn’t have anything to do with food. However, the great news is that it is a great machine that can make your life easier. We believe it almost sounds better than food.

A pancake air compressor is an air compressor with a tank shaped like a pancake. It is usually really light in weight, the portable and great choice for different tasks. Since they are predicted for carrying around some of the models even have carrying handles. They usually have a pancake shaped tank on the bottom with the compressor mechanism on the top. They come in different shapes and sizes and you should choose the one for you based on your needs. We will give you some additional information about this type of air compressor to make your decision easier and better.

Pancake Air Compressor: What to Look For​

There are different models of pancake air compressor on the market and it can make your decision difficult and almost impossible. We will highlight some of the most important features you should look for to find the best pancake air compressor to match your needs. Make sure you read some reviews of the specific models you are interested in to get some more information about the features listed below.​

  • Tank drainage: If you want your air compressor to last for a long period of time, we recommend you to read some reviews on the models you are interested in to make sure they have an easy access to the drain. Compressed air causes water to condensate in the tank. If that water is not drained out it will corrode and destroy your machine. This is why you have to have an easy access to the tank drain, it will make your maintenance a lot easier. It is recommended to drain the water after every usage.
  • Size and power: Pancake air compressor has a great size and power ratio. Even though smaller machines usually have a smaller motor (which means less power) these machines have enough power to do almost all constructing tasks and are really light, small and easily transportable.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: Pancake air compressors are made for indoor and outdoor usage. However, there is some difference between models. Some of them are heavier and less portable than others. If you want to use this device in one place only, the heavier model will not be a problem for you. If you, on the other hand, want to transport it frequently, we recommend you to choose a smaller and lighter one. Off course, don’t take this the most important thing in your decision because you will end up with a small and light but unuseful machine.
  • Noise: Air compressors can get noisy. This can be a big problem because you can buy a great machine but if it’s too noisy your neighbors will complain and you will not be able to use it. If you live or work in an isolated area and you don’t mind the noise, this is not important to you and noise doesn’t have to be a factor in your decision. If you live or work in an area where you can’t allow yourself to be noisy, you should read some reviews of the specific models you are interested in. This is the best way to get some more information because it will provide you with information about the specific model.

We hope that we made your decision a bit easier. We recommend you keep all of this in mind when choosing the best pancake air compressor for you. Also, be aware that air compressors can potentially be very dangerous because they operate with compressed air. This is why we advise you to read the instructions before using this machine and to use it carefully and responsibly. It is best to follow the safety protocol, whether you’re a professional or an amateur because safety is the most important thing and one minute of putting on the safety equipment can save you from severe injuries.