Twin-Stack Air Compressor

Twin-Stack Air Compressor

An air compressor is definitely a must have for every DIY enthusiast out there. These machines will come in handy in a lot of different situations since they have various possible uses and they will help you enjoy your time in the garage more. Since air compressors come in all shapes and sizes, you probably don’t know which one you should choose. To help you with that we will give you some information about a twin stack air compressor.

Twin stack compressors are similar to hot dog compressors but they have two tanks instead of one. This feature allows them to stack even more air in the tanks and because of that, they are very efficient in all kinds of tasks. Another great feature this type of compressor has is that it is portable. This is a really important characteristic for everyone who needs to use this machine in more than one place. This machine is ideal for household use and has enough power to get all the smaller jobs done.

Twin-Stack Air Compressor: What to Look For​

The decision to buy a twin stack air compressor is great but you have a lot more work to do. You shouldn’t buy the first one you see but think thoroughly about what you want to use this machine for. When you decide on that, you need to pay attention to some other factors. We listed some of the most important features you need to look for in twin stack air compressor to help you find the best twin-stick air compressor for you.​

  • Different types: There are two different types of this machine on the market. These are consumer and contractor twin stack air compressors. Even though they look similar, these are two completely different machines with different ways to use them. Choosing one of these two depends on the tasks you want to use it for. Make sure you keep this in mind when choosing the twin stack air compressor. It is always important to think about what you want to use the machine for because this will make your decision better and easier.
  • Gas and electric models: There are gas and electric twin stack air compressors on the market and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Gas model is better for working outdoors while the electric one is ideal for indoors. The gas model doesn’t have a cord and can be moved all around while the electric one is corded. The electric twin stack air compressor is more economic than the gas one but the gas model is more powerful. The gas model also emits dangerous fumes and is not recommended for closed space but it can work always, even during power blackout which is a great advantage.
  • Other features: There are some other features you have to pay attention to. Some of these are horsepower, size, the volume of the tank, CMF and others. CMF is an abbreviation for cubic feet per minute which means it represents a volumetric flow of a substance. All of these things are listed on the products specifications but it would be best to look them up in reviews on specific models you are interested in. Since the best model for you is the one that matches your requirements it is difficult to say which measures are preferred. It will be better explained on specific models.

We hope this article has helped you get a clearer picture of twin stack air compressor and its use. We recommend you to keep our advice in mind when choosing your twin stack air compressor. We are sure it will be of great use to you but the most important thing you have to look after is your health and safety. This is why it’s important for you to read the instructions provided with the machine before you use it. Also, when you use it you should be careful and responsible because compressed air can be very dangerous if you don’t handle the machine the way you should. With all that in mind, and reading some reviews we believe that you’ll find the best model for your needs and that you’ll be very satisfied with it.